Thursday, February 9

GRA finance director bags double chairmanship at WCO

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The two appointments were confirmed on 15 June 2021 after WCO’s Council Virtual Meeting held in Brussel.

These are positions that have never been occupied by Africans before.

A Gambian having now occupied these positions is expected to provide rightful direction and sound financial management system for the WCO.

Reacting to the news, Mr. Denton confirmed the two appointments, while expressing appreciation. “I was very elated after receiving confirmation,” he said. “It was an honour to be a Gambian and flag bearer of The Gambia and Gambia Revenue Authority for my inputs to be recognised at that international level to occupy that position of chairmanship at WCO, which is unprecedented.”  

According to him, as a Gambian, getting that position is a big achievement and trust and confidence bestowed on him.

He also assured that he would live up to expectations in ensuring that he provides the right direction and sound advice to WCO during his tenure.

According to Mr. Denton, getting the position required hard work and determination. He described his appointments as a big achievement not only for GRA but the whole country and West and Central Africa.

Mr. Denton was quick to commend the leadership of the Gambia Revenue Authority under the watchful eye of the Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe for sending the senior staff to the right forum to represent the GRA.

Commenting on Saihou Denton’s appointment, Mr. Darboe said: “I am very happy for the appointment of Mr. Alhaji Saihou Denton as chairman of both the West and Central Africa Finance Committee of WCO in Brussels.

He said Mr. Denton deserves those positions as he is competent, trustworthy, conscientious and professional. He added: “Undoubtedly, he will make Gambians proud and will do the job to the best of his ability.”

“As a CG, I always give opportunities to my staff both local and international positions and all of them make me proud at all times.”

He finally expressed appreciation with the level of commitment of his senior directors and assured to continue to encourage them to be hard working and professional in their work.