Wednesday, February 1

GRA gears up for latest technology

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This latest development will enable GRA to migrate from ASYCUDA++, which they have been using over the years.

The ASYCUDA Worlds System aims to transform business procedures and processes by leveraging ICT improved efficiency and quality of International trade data. It will also include the installation of the latest customs computer system for customs control and clearance. 

The training covered general administration, data (manifest and declarations), and maintenance of the reference data (tariff, codifications, taxation rules, etc.) and building of a prototype. The six weeks training, attended by eight (8) participants was initiated by GRA and UNCTAD. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony last Thursday, Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe congratulated the participants for participating fully during the six weeks training on installations of ASYCUDA Worlds System.

He said participants’ participation was a clear indication of their commitment, dedication and professionalism to ensure that GRA moves into the next step by migrating from ASYCUDA++ to ASYCUDA Worlds.

CG Darboe also said it is always part of his wish to ensure that GRA has the right personnel at the right department. 

He was quick to reveal that GRA is currently blessed with highly educated personnel and that with their experiences and expertise and team spirit, they would surely continue to meet government’s set revenue target on yearly basis.

He advised the senior officers of GRA to always share ideas and experience with the junior officers. By doing that, he said, it will greatly help the GRA register a lot of successes.

He further praised the participants, saying that selecting them to participate in the training was not by accident.

He expressed gratitude to the trainees and trainers for the success of the training, saying that showed that they were moving on the right track.

CG Darboe also spoke on ethics and professionalism in the discharge of their work, while reminding participants of expectations, saying they should always deliver up to expectations with or without pay. He advised the participants to utilise the knowledge gained during the six week course as a lot of money has been spent.

“As part of the process, once the system is handed over to GRA, the trainees will be at the position to make sure any issue that comes, they should be able to handle it professionally without hiring international experts,” he noted.

Darboe pointed out that with the training, one can sit at home and connect to the ASYCUDA world.

For his part, Emmanuel Murwon, expert trainer from Uganda, thanked GRA for providing the facilities needed during the training and described participants as babies for not only GRA but the entire Gambia. “We need to develop because the world is dynamic, and technology is moving ahead every day.”