Wednesday, March 22

‘GRA indebted to Gambian media’

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He added that GRA was able to register unprecedented achievements in terms of maximising revenue for the government due to the participation of the media in enlightening the taxpayers on the significance of paying taxes for national development.

He hailed the Gambian media while describing them as really “partners in development”.

CG Darboe made this statement while delivering his closing remarks at the 9th International conference organised by West African Union Tax Institute (WAUTI) held in Banjul recently. 

Mr Darboe lavished praise on the Gambian media for their proactive role in promoting GRA’s agenda. According to him, one of the best strategies for any country is to adopt and ensure that it works closely with the media in order to achieve her goals.

He reiterated that he was very pleased to recognise the immense contribution of the Gambian media to helping GRA maximise revenue for national development.

“I am very proud of the Gambian media, without which GRA would have found it difficult to collect the much needed revenue for the government,” he affirmed.

He thus advised the media and practitioners to continue the good work as patriotic citizens.

Among other issues that the GRA boss raised was rental income tax, saying this aspect remains a cause for concern. He hinted that many ‘Dollar Missionaries’ are making money, but are reluctant to come forward and pay their share of their taxes, describing it as “ungodly and unpatriotic”.

He pointed out that since the number of revenue collectors is not more than 200 staff, it’s humanly impossible to collect all the rental income taxes countrywide. He therefore urged people to show patriotism and pay their taxes.

CG Darboe called for attitudinal change towards paying taxes, saying that none can develop a country other than its citizens.

Mr Darboe also disclosed that closing down businesses or taking people to court is the last option for GRA. However, he hinted that still certain unscrupulous individuals take that as an opportunity not to pay their taxes.

Deliberately refusing to pay taxes would warrant GRA to institute legal action against those individuals, he warned, saying that The Gambia is a tax-based economy and that the government cannot realise its projects in the absence of paying taxes.

He emphatically warned individuals that are generating money through rental income to pay their taxes and on time to avoid drastic action.