Tuesday, October 4

GRA is a Model, All Institution Should Emulate- Finance Minister

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By Staff Reporter

“I think Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA)  is a model that other government institutions should emulate, looking at GRA in this trying times, while other institutions are struggling we see them thrive,” minister of finance and economic affairs said at the launch of   ASYCUDA WORLD system and the inauguration of the 22 million annexes at the GRA headquarter in Banjul.

Hon. Seedy Keita added: “It’s no longer the ablest but the most adaptable and adaptability means the ability to copy. So he looks forward to other public institutions to study what GRA has done.”

He said “On that note, I single-handedly delightfully express my delight once again to inaugurate this fabulous and magnificent building and thank you to the contractors and all the other stakeholders that are involved in this enterprise, thank you”

According to him, classical demonstration of four sites of the GRA overall management and the management style of GRA interacted and now know where their core competency lies and that’s where leadership comes in you cannot do it all, from the technology aspect they partnered with GAMTEL and that is a long step forward towards revitalizing their telecommunication sector.

He added that coming to the construction of their office building annex they partnered with the premier institution of GAMWORKS and the organizing committee of young professionals represented by the female folks, they just want to see women in the management.

Yankuba Darboe, Commissioner General of The Gambia Revenue Authority described the inauguration as a great sense of pride.

According to him, the revenue house was received in the midst of July 2017 when the management team HR and Admin, legal, and Board services to re-structure and manage services enterprise risk performance and modernization.

Therefore, “We decided to do this with our development partners IMF, the World Bank as we know that the building has been here since colonial days, we thought that GRA needed extra office space because that office was no longer fit for use,” he disclosed.

He noted that the decision was guided by a critical and thorough review of the authorities on the anticipated reforms and modernization.  Adding that additional human resource management was not there the management was prompted to venture into this multi-million revenue house project.

Matarr Njie, who spoke on behalf of the CEO of General Procurement Services, expressed happiness for the inauguration.

“However, as we embark on this journey our primary consideration was to ensure that we deliver to your authority that gives value to money and provide a comfortable and conducive environment for your valuable staff,” he said.

Omar Gaye, director-general of GAMWORKS noted that GAMWORKS and GRA have a strong standing relationship. He went on to give the background of the contract which was initially at 13 Million but later rose to D20 million.