Friday, March 31

GRA, SICPA Signs Revenue Mobilisation Agreement

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The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs in partnership with the Gambia Revenue Authority on Friday signed a concession agreement with SICPA SA, a Swiss company, for the implementation of a revenue mobilisation for excisable goods, telecoms services, and refined fuels.

The agreement which was signed at the Ministry of Finance is part of the reform priorities in the GRA’s corporate strategy plan for 2020-2024.

Speaking shortly after the ceremony, the Minister of Finance, Seedy Keita said the agreement will benefit the government, business community and the public as well.

“With the full implementation of this solution, will give GRA among other things access to accurate real-time or near real-time production data of locally produced excisable goods; differentiate between illicit and genuinely imported excisable goods; provide revenue assurance on taxes and levies being collected from telecom services; and distinguish genuinely imported fuel products from illicit fuel through fuel marking,” he said.

Minister Keita further stated that in terms of benefit to the government, the introduction of the revenue mobilisation solutions will also promote the government development agendas.

 The Commissioner General, Yankuba Darboe said the agreement will benefit all the players of the economy and also ensure quality assurances and combat tax evasion.