Sunday, September 25

GRTS acquires new equipment to improve its outside broadcast capability

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The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) has acquired a new LiveU 800 device and DJI Drone 2S FLY as part of its efforts to improve and expand its outside broadcast capability. The 800 is the latest version of the Live U and it was commissioned on Tuesday, 5th July, for coverage of the inauguration of the Clinical Waste Management System at Farato. It would again be used for live coverage of the upcoming Eid-Ul Adha (Tobaski) prayers at King Fahd Mosque in Banjul.
According to the Director General of GRTS, Mr. Malick Jeng, both the Live U and the drone were purchased from the institution’s own resources.

Both devices will enable GRTS to provide live coverage of events where internet is available, at short notice and at minimal cost to the institution.