Friday, September 22

GTSC Hopes to Break New Grounds AfterRevolutionizing Domestic Transport

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By: M. Justice Darboe & Binta Jaiteh

The Gambia Transport Services Company (GTSC) has revolutionized domestic transport services and the outfit is hoping to break new ground to enhance customers’ experiences.

The company said it’s eyeing other destinations beyond the West Africa sub-region.

According to GTSC, it has heralded a new era of transport excellence after unveiling a range of innovative services to improve the travel experience of its customers.

The company on Wednesday convened a press conference to detail the various new packages that it introduced as well as the enhancement of its existing products.

It would be recalled that GTSC sometime this year added 70 new buses to its fleet. This acquisition has allowed the company to augment its school transportation services by deploying seven new buses to convey students to and from school at a beaten-down rate of D5 per student.

“This extension is intended to align with the growing number of commuting students, enhancing punctuality and safety through standardized transportation services. It is anticipated that this will lead to equal education opportunities, reduced daily commuting difficulties for students, fewer road accidents involving pupils, and decreased stress and travel time,” the Acting General Manager of GTSC, Ba Lamin Darboe, told journalists as he addressed the press conference.

Darboe revealed that the company has also spread its tentacles to other parts of the country as it strives to provide unparalleled services to its customers.

“The strategic move aims to revitalize and enhance the company’s services by reinstating previously canceled routes due to limited fleet capacity. The fleet expansion gave birth to new services and they include Kanifing-Koina, Bambally-LaminKoto via Farafenni, Kaur-Kanifing via Farafenni, Sami Pachonchi-Barra, Kunting-Barra, Diabugu-Basse, Sutukung-Kanifing, and Mankamang Kunda-Kanifing,” the GTSC acting GM said. 

He emphasized that GTSC has been playing a significant role in protecting the Gambia’s economic sovereignty and the government’s primary objective to establish an efficient and effective transportation system both within and beyond the Gambian borders.

Bus Shelters

Acting GM Darboe also spoke about plans to install 35 bus shelters across the Greater Banjul Area and South Bank.

He added:“If you observe, you will see numerous new bus shelters, which are stationed at certain regions throughout the country. It is important to note that these are one of the best state-of-the-earth bus shelters that we have throughout the region. And one of the main elements of this is the state-of-the-earth solar-powered battery and it charges our phone. These structures offer commuters a secure sanctuary, protecting them from any harsh weather condition and minimize accidents. Thirty-five of these shelters will be stored in the Greater Banjul Area and the rest will be at the Northern South Bank of the country.

Speaking earlier, the Marketing Manager of GTSC, MomodouLamin Fatty, said the company “is proud to announce a new era of transportation excellence as we unveil a range of innovative services designed to elevate the travel experience of our esteemed partners”.

He continued:“With a steadfast commitment to meet the evolving needs of customers, GTSC is poised to embark on this journey to a higher height, revolutionizing transport in the country and beyond. GTSC offers a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers. Our services encompass school bus services, local and international services, private hire services, urban services, and luggage transfer services.”

Mr. Fatty pointed out that GTSC boasts a fleet of well-maintained vehicles to ensure safety, comfort, convenience, and reliability.