Tuesday, June 6

GTU inks partnership with KashMa

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The partnership will also support the Union by developing software and solutions to achieve their mission and vision for the transport industry.

KashCab is a partnership between The General Transport Union, KashMa Company Limited, and Access Bank. This initiative will be launched under the KashMa KashCab Campaign.

KashCab will introduce and promote digital payments within taxi vehicles in The Gambia, easing the current burden on both drivers and passengers who are handle cash payments and look for exact change to settle their fares. Taxi riders no longer need to pay the fare with cash, creating a digitised cab payment service and providing passengers with a secure, convenient, and efficient payment experience. In the future, the app will provide real-time tracking of taxi locations, making it easier and safer for passengers to plan their trips and manage their time.

Through the KashCab initiative, the Union and KashMa are committed to providing a safe, reliable, and efficient transport system that benefits everyone.

KashMa Digital Payment App is a product of Cayor Enterprise, a leading Gambian Software Services that specialises in providing innovative and cutting-edge software solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes. The company’s expertise is developing secure and user-friendly software, making it an ideal partner for the Union as it is committed to enhancing the transport experience for both passengers and drivers through digital transformation.

To promote the initiative, KashMa will be introducing several updates to its mobile app. A special promotional code “KashCab” with a value of fifteen (15) dalasis will be released and consumers can download the app and redeem the amount for a free taxi ride. This provides everyone an opportunity to try the service for free. Additionally, KashMa will be updating its fee structure and introduce no fee (free) transfers up to One hundred (100) Dalasis daily. With this change, customers will not incur any additional charge by paying their taxi fares using the KashMa app.

The Union will work with their members to put on-board and register commercial drivers onto the KashMa digital payment platform. In partnership with Access Bank, taxi drivers will receive incentives to enroll and adopt KashMa. Incentives for the taxi drivers with the most KashMa transactions will include mobile phones, GSM airtime credit, and other attractive giveaways.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Gambia Transport Union to launch the KashCab initiative,” said Kebba Ceesay, CEO of KashMa. “This partnership will help to digitise the transport industry in The Gambia, making it easier and more convenient for passengers to pay for their taxi rides. We look forward to working with the Gambia Transport Union and our Banking partner, Access Bank, to bring this innovative solution to more people in the country.”

The KashCab initiative is now available in selected taxis in The Gambia, with plans to expand to more vehicles in the coming months.