Thursday, September 21

GTU president considers fare increment

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By Adama Makasuba

Omar Ceesay, president of The Gambia Transport Union, has said fares should be increased in the country to help drivers from plying into losses, after the government sharply increased fuel price for the month of July due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

According to him, the situation now demands drivers to also increase fares to avoid them from operating into losses.

“The fuel price increase has caused us only difficulties and it continues to add on to our problems because if you look at the new price increment of fuel, no one can manage. It will make our work so hard.

“If you look, we have been in consultation with the government since 2021 and today if you evaluate the fuel price increment has reached up to over 40% and for you to manage that 40% you cannot,” he said.

“What we discussed with the government was if fuel price increased over 20% then the national transport fare should be increased, and the fuel price has been increased and we are engaging the government but it is not yet finalised and you need another 20% increment.

“That’s why I urge both the drivers and passengers to have understanding because if the drivers continue to ply on normal tariff, then they are running on loses, and if we have to strike it will affect the population because we are heading to a feast, so we must have a mutual understanding between the drivers and the passengers,” he added.

“But as things stand now, no one can manage the situation, and even fare increment can happen. In fact, by rights, fares should have increased twice. One thing people should understand that if the government increased fuel price and linked to increment in where they buy fuel, why shouldn’t we [drivers]also increase when they increase it here?” he continued.