Wednesday, September 27

GTU President raises concern about uncomfortable behaviour of insurance companies against insurers –

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By Mustapha Jarju

The President of the Gambia Transport Union (GTU), Omar Ceesay, has expressed dismay over the failure of not paying compensation to drivers who have insured their properties with insurance companies operating in the country.

“The insurance companies are not making any essence to the lives of their customers that insured their properties with them when it comes to claim, he noted. 

He said anyone that visits Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) or goes around the communities can count “how many lives that is lost, and how many properties that have been lost which insurance companies are not paying any compensation to the victims. This their attitude of not compensating victims has got their customers frustrated,” he stressed. 

GTU President, however, urged the government to rectify this attitude of insurance companies to allow them to compensate their customers that fall victim to any incidence as per their insurance policy since the government continues to force commercial vehicles to pay for an insurance policy.

He argued that if the police are not forcing the drivers to pay for insurance there will be nobody that will pay because it has no use. “The police are doing their job because it is part of the vehicle requirements to pay insurance, but after paying for the insurance what next for the drivers when insurance companies are not compensating them for their loses.”

President Ceesay speaking to The Voice via telephone in an interview said the Insurance and motor traffic Acts need to be reviewed so that if accidents and other related issues or properties are lost the victims should be compensated by the companies where they insured themselves or their properties. 

Mr. Ceesay, therefore, questioned the purpose of the insurance companies, saying “99% of vehicles in the Gambia are insured but those insurance companies are not owned by the state, they are owned by a group of people or individuals. But let them start compensating their customers when the need arises.”

He, therefore, urged the authorities to review the vehicle insurance act and other acts related to insurance issues in the country.