Sunday, September 25

Halifa Sallah says PDOIS will not be part of any coalition just for the sake of…

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The Serrekunda lawmaker and presidential candidate for PDOIS, Hon. Sallah, while stating his party’s position on a coalition ahead of the December election insisted that a coalition should be about ending the poverty and injustice citizens are grappling with.
“Now, we are faced with a new situation. That changed had come through the ballot box but many people are saying the change has not brought them what they had desired for themselves,” he told reporters on Thursday.
He continued that: regime change is a change of government but what people are now demanding is a change of a system to ensure that their poverty, any injustice, their ignorance would actually be eradicated. Those forces who recognise this could come together to be able to salvage the country.
According to him, bringing people together just for a change of a regime, at this moment, will be an abuse of our population who is demanding for that change to really come about, a change that is meaningful, a change that is purposeful.
“So in that regard, PDOIS’ position is that: we will not be part of any coalition just for the sake of changing a face. We can only be part of a coalition whose fundamental aim is to eradicate the poverty, the injustice and the ignorance of our people.”