Thursday, September 29

Halifa Says PDOIS Would Defeat Ignorance, Poverty, Injustice

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PDOIS leader
Halifa Sallah
Photo credit: PDOIS Media

By Buba Gagigo

The party leader of People Democratic of Independent and Socialism (PDOIS) Halifa Sallah said they would defeat ignorance, poverty, injustice in The Gambian.

“This is the will of The Gambian people to eradicate poverty, to eradicate injustice, to eradicate ignorance in our home land. That is the campaign; and we are sure there is nobody in this homeland who will want to live in poverty, injustice, and ignorance. We are going to defeat ignorance, we are going to defeat poverty and we are going to defeat injustice,” Halifa told the people of Bansang on Wednesday.

He made these remarks on Wednesday in the ongoing PDOIS caravan tour in Bansang in the Central River Region (CRR).

People Democratic of Independent and Socialism (PDOIS) are on a caravan tour across the country. They have conducted meetings in Niumi and Baddibou before proceeding to the Central River Region (CRR).