Friday, December 9

Hamat Bah Describes Sun’s Paedo Story about Gambia as ‘Malicious’ and Misleading

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Gambia’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat Bah, has reacted for the first time to an article published by The Sun, a UK based newspaper, which reported that “Gambian children are being sold to British pedophiles for as little as GBP2-a-time by their desperate parents”.

In his reaction, the Tourism Minister described the article as “malicious, misleading and completely false meant to derail the efforts of the country in restoring the good image of destination that has witnessed 22 years of dictatorship”.

Minister Bah, made this reaction at a press conference on Monday.

In January, The Sun Newspaper published an article with the headline “Inside ‘paedo paradise’ The Gambia where sex beasts are buying African children and toddlers to rape”.

“For somebody to come from outside to publish a story that is malicious, misleading and completely false will not go unanswered. We will follow the due process of the law and do what is right to protect the image of this country,” Hamat Bah told the press.

He added: “Investigations are ongoing to get to the bottom of this saga and anyone found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.”