Saturday, December 3

Having Yahya Jammeh’s Enablers in Gov’t is a mockery to his Victims, says AK Jammeh

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By Kebba Ansu Manneh

Abdou Karim Jammeh, one of the victims of the April 2000 student protest has bemoaned the laxity of the Gambian Government in prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed in the country during the regime of exiled Yahya Jammeh.

He said all enablers of former President Yahya Jammeh mentioned in the Gambia Government White paper should be relieved of their duties immediately.

He made this statement in an exclusive interview with The Voice Newspaper, where he observed the setting up of a special tribunal to try the perpetrators of the former director and his enablers as a welcome move towards the justice the victims have been yearning for.

“As victims, all we are asking for is to see all those who were mentioned in the Government White Paper be suspended from their duties until a time when their fates are decided. We believe that it is unfair for the victim’s families, survivors, and the transitional justice process to maintain such people in the government,” Abdou Karim Jammeh lamented.

He added: “If the Government of Adama Barrow wants to correct the wrongs, they should be bold enough to remove all those bad elements from the taxpayers’ payroll and wait for their trial so that justice can prevail.”

According to him, enablers such as Speaker of the National Assembly FabakaryTombong Jatta (FTJ), Deputy Speaker Seedy S.K Njie, Director of National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ousman Sowe, Paramilitary Commander, Gorgi Mboob among others should be relieved of their duties immediately.

They are among the top enablers of Yahya Jammeh to mete out various forms of abuses and rights violations through enacting bad laws as well as committing all types of human rights violations against Gambians.

He disclosed that former President Yahya Jammeh was not alone in committing the numerous crimes that occurred in the country, while observed that exonerating perpetrators to the extent of offering some international and diplomatic appointments is the greatest insult Barrow’s administration can do to victims.

“Most of the perpetrators working in government offices are now mocking the victims for crimes they have meted out on them but Government is paying deaf ears and blind eyes to them.

“However, I believe it is for such reason that FabakaryTombong Jatta and Seedy Njie are appointed by President Adama Barrow so that they can block any effort that will bring justice to the victims,” April 10/11 2000 Victim argued.

“With regards to the AKI deaths,” he said, “I think the Minister of Health, Doctor Ahmadou Lamin Samateh should honorably resign to save what is left of his dignity. He should be fair enough to himself, his family, and think about his legacy, and resign even if the President didn’t sack him because history will judge him one day,” he stated

Abdou Karim Jammeh, who was shot in his ankle during the April 10/11 student protest also frowned on the unruly behaviour of Honourable Almameh Gibba for attacking and caricaturing a victim at the Chambers of the National Assembly.

He said the independent Foni Kansala NAM and the entire National Assembly should apologise for the crude behaviour of a sitting NAM who shows no remorse for the sufferings of the victims.

“We (victims) are demanding unreserved apologies from Honourable Almameh Gibba and the entire parliament for the attack on Isha Haruna Jammeh, a victim during a session at the assembly.

“His actions were so dishonourable, shameful, and disheartening to us seeing an MP attacking a victim physically in the parliament. More so a lady, it is unacceptable and disrespectful,” Jammeh concluded.