Friday, March 24

Heavy Windstorm causes huge damage at Lamin Village

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By Akitania Nzally

The heavy windstorm that occurred in the wee hours, on Thursday, 8th September has caused a lot of damage at Lamin Village which has led to the destruction of numerous household materials. 

However, the wind removed the roofs of some houses within the neighbourhoods. 

Reaching to The Voice newspaper, Mr. Siaka A.S Bah, a native of Lamin Village explained how the windstorm affected him and his family, all their belongings got wet and destroyed as caused by the rain, while the whole family remains on their feet till daybreak.

He added that none of his property is spare especially the electronic appliances though no casualty was recorded in the area.

 Mr Bah appealed to the government and philanthropists to come to their aid as they are left with nothing.  

Binta Fatty, a mother of four also pointed out as the heavy windstorm blew off her roof exposing her belongings to the rain also led to the damaged of most of her electronic devices. She added that due to the gravity of the storm, some items fell on her children causing them pain and injuries on them.

Other affected families included Momodou Jeng, Ngurnga Jeng among others that experienced a similar situation.