Sunday, September 25

Help Bubu live and get a new heart

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A lot of people need help but others need it more urgently. Muhammed Nyabally, also called Bubu, is certainly one of them.

The young man has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. A CT scan indicates that his heart’s pumping power is weaker than normal and blood moves through his body at a slower rate.

Kevin Klayman, a Canadian who has been financially supporting Bubu and his family, said the young man is running out of time and needs more help to get a new heart.

“We require 200,000 dalasi for the transplant operation. Plus we could always use more for some food for Bubu and his siblings.

Bubu had a heart attack approximately two weeks ago and has been in a coma since then. He is in urgent need of a heart transplant as per the hospital mentioned in the documentation,” Kevin said.

Kevin even started a gofundme account to seek crowd funding in order to help Bubu. But, as things stand, help is elusive and Bubu is in his most desperate hour.

If you wish to help Bubu stay alive, reach out to the numbers below or visit the gofundme page.