Tuesday, March 28

High  Court Implements Hunain Islamic School Eviction Order

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By Kebba Ansu Manneh

School authorities and students of Hunain Islamic School in Sukuta have been left in a state of limbo as the High Court implemented eviction orders for the Madrasa to vacate the property where they have been operating since 2010.

This development took place at Sukuta where officials of the Sheriff Division of the High Court accompanied by Police and Paramilitary officers stoned the premises and ordered the immediate vacation of more than five hundred and seventy (570) students, and teachers and management staff of the school.

Oustass Ousman Camara, Principal of Hunain Islamic School who spoke with our reporter in a state of distress disclosed that the School has been using the premises that were given to them by the family of late General Ansumana Manneh, noting that five hundred and seventy (570) Islamic students plus 170 students on memorisation of the Holy Quran are currently studying at the school.

According to him, the ownership of the premises came up in 2018, when one Aku Family who claimed ownership of a piece of land took the matter to court, adding that judgment was delivered in favor of the Aku family who subsequently ordered the school authorities to leave the premises or risk forceful eviction.

“We appealed to this family to give us time until we complete building our premises but they refused to give us any more extension. The compound was given to us by the family of late General Ansumana Manneh and we have been using the premises for the past 12 years without any trouble when former President Yahya Jammeh left the country the new owners surfaced,” Oustass Ousman Camara emotionally explained.

He added: “We were also duly informed by the family of late General Ansumana Manneh that they leased the property before developing the land. To our surprise Tuesday, August 16, 2022, officials of the Sheriff Division accompanied by police officers came to the property and asked us to leave.”

According to him, the greatest nightmare the school authorities found themselves with is where to place all their students for the moment before another venue can be secured, noting that the principal of Muslim Senior Secondary School has agreed to offer one week of accommodation for the students but cannot go beyond that dateline.

“We are appealing to the general public, samaritans, philanthropists, and all well-wishers to render our support to build the land that has been allocated to us by the government.

Presently, we have close to 200 students doing memorisation of the Holy Quran plus 570 students who are doing both Arabic and English education at the school,” Principal Ousman Camara disclosed.

He added: “It is very unfortunate that we found ourselves in this situation where we are forcefully asked to vacate.

Hence, we are therefore appealing to all and sundry to help us in constructing our land before the beginning of the next academic year, he said.

He said the school authorities and students have removed all their properties from the property under the watchful eyes of the officials present at the scene, adding that besides the temporary offer of one-week accommodation from the principal of Muslim Senior Secondary School there has been no other offer to help us overcome this situation.