Saturday, June 3

Hon Camara accuses President Barrow of politicizing votes

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honorable Bakary Camara former National Assembly Member for Kiang Central Constituency has accused President Adama Barrow of politicizing everything in all the sectors to get votes.

In an interview with The Voice, the former lawmaker said the current government is politicizing votes bringing people to his side which is not professional. Saying, it is uncalled for and bad for the development of the country.

He explained that the Chinese government donated tons of rice to the Gambia for the needy people but President Barrow and his government used that as propaganda to campaign and get the votes of the people. 

“The distribution was done by State Chiefs and Alkalos misleading the people that this rice is from the government of the Gambia forcing the people to vote for their candidates,” he alleged. 

Meanwhile, he said, the women’s enterprise fund in 2001, there was a bill that was taken to the parliament and now it is no more a bill but an act of parliament that provides for women’s enterprise fund funded by the European Union amounting to 300 million euros to women in small business and individuals to enhance their financial status.

“The act aimed to ensure that a board will be responsible to take care of the issues, we have seen the government issuing out the cheque to youth councils and women Kafo’s misleading the people that government is giving out this all they are interested in to get the votes and not the interest of the citizens,” he said.

According to him, during his term at the parliament (2021), he explained that there was a bill called Capital Market Security Bill 2020 that was brought to the parliament and it was stated in the bill that World Bank is bringing nothing less than or more than $400 million and it will be deposited in the government account and will be given out to those who are qualified as a loan for them to embark on businesses of any kind.

“The members passed this and still nothing has been done. It is high time for the Gambians to start putting modalities in place, endeavor and enhance certain economic activities in the country to reduce unemployment and price of essential commodities,” he lamented.