Wednesday, October 4

Hon. Gibbi Mballow Calls For Re-introduction Of Death Penalty In The Gambia 

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Hon. Gibbi Mballow, National Assembly for Lower Fulladu West.

By Buba Gagigo

Hon. Gibbi Mballow, a member of the Gambian National Assembly representing Lower Fulladu West, has called for the reinstatement of the death penalty in the country following the murder of two police officers on Tuesday.

“I am urging the executive, especially the president, to change a little bit. Let him give us the bitter test of those doing wrong. This country had to move, and the people that are distracting this country, they should be put to book with the hardest punishment. If these people are caught, I don’t expect them to be taken to prison. I am suggesting that we introduce back the death penalty,” he said at the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The Lower Fulladu West Constituency National Assembly Member also called for the new Gambia to borrow ideas from the old Gambia.

“I think the new Gambia is high time we borrow little idea from the old Gambia. These things were not happening sometimes ago. Now it is happening. I think we need to go back. It’s very sad, very touching. And this is not the only thing happening. I urged Gambians for us to come together as one and fight some of the abnormalities that is happening. It’s really touching. I’m really sad. But then, as a nation, this country belongs to all of us.

“Sometimes ago, I watched on social media that some people peddling the war against PIU. And if these things happen, anytime they say something against the National Assembly Members, I will not come to this because I hope is going to be realistic. And then people should not be joking with some things peddling. Because if you say war on PIU after four or five days, they are being shot to dead. We need to take matters very seriously,” he said.

Two police officers were shot and killed at the Sukuta traffic light on Tuesday evening. The alleged shooter is still at large.