Tuesday, October 3

Hon Halifa Sallah says Barrow cannot but respect him for the rest of his life –

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By NyimaSillah

 Honourable Halifa Sallah has hinted that there exists a myriad of reasons why President Adama Barrow should be indebted to him for the rest of his life.

 He added: “I want people to understand me and why Barrow must respect me for the rest of his life. He cannot but respect me because I deserve respect… because I have self-respect,” Sallahsaid on Coffee Time with Peter Gomez program on Tuesday.

 “When I became the spokesperson I refused to even think that I was another personality other than his spokesperson I refused to advise him on any matter that had such powers and coalition issues. What we dealt with were state issues, transitional issues for him to know what to do under the constitution and what not to do on the constitution prior to assuming office it is how to maintain the office as president-elect unspeakable.”

He stated that President Barrow has reached out to him when quitting the coalition. “When he was leaving many people feel that he left Halifa, no he wanted me to go with him there is no doubt about that in fact I was among the few I don’t know how many but members of the coalition can explain whether when Barrow was about to go he saw them, but I know that he consulted me he wanted me to go but I said if we all want to leave what will happen,” he stated.