Saturday, May 27

Hon Jammeh expresses concern of Residents of Bundung at approach of rainy season

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honorable Sulayman Jammeh representative of the Bundung constituency at the National Assembly has laid the complaint of residents of Bundung over the current situation, way, and manner the construction of the Bundung Highway is handled.

Especially since the gutters dug along the highway remain uncovered and heaps of sound everywhere to congest the road while the rainy season is due in the next two months.

During his deliberations, he stressed that street lights have been cut off and the worst the people also complained that the movement of people in their compounds is too much. He added that the economic condition of the people is also affected and if the rain starts with the situation of the highway, people will find it difficult in every aspect of their life while the holes are not safe for the kids and even the old ones, too.

He cited a taxi driver who fell inside the gutter and the responsibility and burden become theirs, therefore, “it is important to respect the plight of the people even though we are doing the service for them.”

He appealed to the responsible Minister to engage the contractor without much delay saying “I sensed disaster even though I don’t pray for that, I raised the issue during the last adjournment debate still nothing has been done. I want to urge the Minister to come to our aid the reason why we are here is to find solutions to the aspirations of our people which is why they elect us into office.”

He said as a community right they are paying 20 service connections doing their part and also the pressure is a problem, “I will continue to talk about this until it is solved. There is an institution that is responsible for providing that need there is no need for push and pull if the citizens are doing their part why not the government?” he asked.

He expressed that the complaints are directed to him and his councilors and in terms of governance, he said they need to encourage and promote a good governance system because “we always talk about corruption I believe it is an act and people need to be patriotic if we need development. We are elected to change the lives of our people as we are accountable to our people.”