Monday, December 5

Hon. Jammeh, partners donate to SESDO Nawettan teams in Bundung constituency

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Hon. Sulayman Jammeh, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Bundung-Ka Kunda Constituency in partnership with Tijan Touray and Secretary General of the Serrekunda East Committee has donated D40, 000 to 13 teams within Bundung-Ka Kunda participating in the ongoing Serrekunda East ‘Nawetan’ tournament.

The presentation for the gesture by Hon. Jammeh and his partners was held at Taku Leggaye Skills Centre in Bundung.

Hon. Jammeh contributed D26, 000, his close associate Mr. Touray contributed D13, 000 while the Secretary General of the Serrekunda East Sports Development Organisation contributed D1, 000 – making it a total of D40, 000.

Hon. Jammeh, NAM for Bundung-Ka Kunda stated that they put the money together to help refund nawetan teams in Bundung their registration fees.

He added that the rest of the money from the D40, 000 will be used to generate more funds for teams who have already commenced the ongoing nawetan tournament in Serrekunda East.

“There are plans to engage Gambian Rap Superstar ST, the Gambian Dream to venture into a fund-raising initiative, which will generate more revenue for football teams in Bundung.”

Modou Yusupha Cham, president of SESDO, informed the gathering that the Inspector General of Police highlighted that whenever nawetan starts, violence goes down in the country.

Meanwhile, donations are being solicited through Hon. Sulayman Jammeh and Malick Jarju executive member of SESDO.