Thursday, December 7

Hon Omar Ceesay: Say NO to election violence!!!

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Hon Omar Ceesay
NAM Niamina East

I am calling on supporters, militants and sympathizers of both political parties GDC & NPP to excise high sense of maturity, responsibility, patriotism and morality by safeguarding their actions or words towards one’s supporters on the election day Saturday 7th November 2020.

Always remember that there must be a winner and a loser in any competition. Whether or not the GDC wins the elections in Niamina West or Kerr Jarga Ward, that does not mean we have to undermine or threaten our democracy or social peace in the country and vice-versa.

There is need for the outcome and the decisions of the IEC to be peacefully respected on Saturday 7th November 2020.

Losers should Faithfully or graciously accept the election results and avoid engaging in abusive words, quarrelling or fighting but to maintain peace and stability.

Hon. Omar Ceesay
NAM, Niamina East.