Friday, December 8

Hon. Sanyang Calls On MPs To Consider Impeaching President Barrow

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Hon. Yahya Sanyang, National Assembly Member for Latrikunda constituency

By Buba Gagigo

Yahya Menteng Sanyang, the National Assembly Member for the Latrikunda Sabiji constituency, has urged his fellow lawmakers to consider impeaching President Adama Barrow.

“I write to remind you about the impeachment obligations we have as representatives of the people. As you all know, the Constitution states that the president may be impeached for gross misconduct or incapacity to perform the functions of the president. Dear fellow NAMs, it is generally understood that gross misconduct includes violations of the Constitution or the law, as well as other serious misconduct that undermines the president’s ability to fulfill his duties. Incapacity to perform the functions of the office of the president may include physical or mental illness, as well as other conditions that prevent the president from carrying out his duties effectively. As National members let’s ask ourselves, whether the president is carrying out his duties effectively,” he said.

The Latrikunda constituency member of parliament (MP) believes that any violation of the Constitution by the president is sufficient grounds for impeachment.

“The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and it is the president’s duty to uphold it. When the president violates the Constitution, he is undermining the rule of law and the very foundation of our democracy. Fellow National Assembly members. I am very sure we all know very well the groundswell of impeachment, Now it is left to us and see whether the president’s recent conducts and utterances do not amount to Constitutional violation,” he said.

He emphasized that impeachment is the ultimate check on the president’s power and a necessary tool to protect the country’s democracy, making it essential to hold the president accountable if they violate the Constitution.

“I urge you to carefully consider the grounds for impeachment. My fellow National Assembly members, if you are ever faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to impeach the president. Remember that impeachment is not about POLITICS. It is about protecting the Constitution and the Gambian people. We are not going to be National Assembly if we don’t have democracy. So our primary responsibility is to protect democracy at all cost…,” he concluded.