Monday, November 28

Hon Sanyang cautions Gambians against voting for NPP in LG elections to avoid governance crisis

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honourable Yaya Menteng Sanyang, the National Assembly member for Latrikunda Sabiji has urged Gambians not to vote for the National People’s Party in the upcoming local government council elections to avoid another governance crisis.

In an interview with this medium, he enunciated that failing to vote for NPP will check and regulate their (NPP) inefficiency, and they cannot afford to have their inefficiency and corruption scandals to be expanded to the local councils again.

“This will be a disaster and that would eventually lead to the failure of our state (if they vote for them). President Barrow failed the Gambians and the citizens should pressure their National Assembly members if not they may fail you as well because ultimately it is the National Assembly that can make or break the Gambia” he voiced out.

The Gambia is under a public health crisis due to the corruption and inefficiency of the Barrow administration both President Barrow and his Ministers are manipulative and they wanted to hide the real status of this crisis, he expressed. Noting further that if they were not exposed by World Health Organization (WHO) they will provide misleading stories and the Gambians will be in dark.

“Shockingly, the Minister said WHO should have consulted them before releasing the data because they wanted to tell us something different from the actual data of 66 plus children that died from Acute Kidney Injury,” Sanyang submitted

He said, looking at the content of the president’s speech on Friday this was the worst Presidential speech ever delivered in any particular country during a national crisis, and “it seems that he doesn’t understand the content of his speech that’s why he made the blunder and defended the killing of 66 plus of the children as a normal situation.”

Honourable Sanyang said, according to him, he said the government is worried about the drugs and foods people are consuming that they might be more poisonous than the drugs and probably they are killing more people than these drugs.

He argued that Barrow’s administration is corrupt and inefficient and that people should be worried because the Gambia is the only country that got the medicine.

Sadly, he charged further that more babies are dying and more are affected on daily basis, and the government cannot provide any tangible solution to the current situation of the country.

More so, he said, since Independence, the National Assembly has been failing in salvaging The Gambia however that is the reason for the massive poverty, rampant corruption, human rights violations, and terrible poor service delivery in this country until today.