Monday, March 20

Hon. Sanyang Explains Why He Boycotted State Of Nation Address

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Hon. Yahya Sanyang Member of Parliament (MP) for Latrikunda Constituency

By Buba Gagigo

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Member of Parliament (MP) for Latrikunda Constituency, Hon. Yahya Sanyang has boycotted the State of the Nation Address by President Barrow yesterday.

The  Latrikunda MP explained that he would not be given the opportunity to ask Barrow questions regarding his address, and that’s why he chose to leave when he started delivering his address.

“Since last week, I have been advocating for a total boycott of today’s (Thursday) assembly proceedings. I entered the chamber, but when the President started speaking, I left. One, I know it will not be a truthful deliberation. Yes! State of the Nation Address is a Constitutional mandate by the President. He only comes and delivers his speech, but when we have any question or query, we call the Vice President to come. What kind of law is that? And until that law changes, I will not attend the State of the Nation Address of this country,” he told Kerr Fatou after the President’s address.

Hon. Yahya Sanyang is the United Democratic Party Member of Parliament (MP)for the Latrikunda Constituency.

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