Tuesday, June 6

Hon Touray cracks Tourism Minister over Behavior towards Members

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Binta Jaiteh

Honorable Assan Touray, National Assembly member for Bakau Constituency has cracked the Minister of Tourism and Culture over his behavior towards the members of the parliament.

He addressed him during the adjournment debate of the house where NAMs questioned the Ministers. 

Hon Touray argued that anytime the Minister appears before parliamentarians he behaves in a manner that is not welcoming, noting that he sometimes questions his maturity. 

Hon Touray stated that the fact-based of the matter is that he asked that it appears that most managerial positions at hotels in the Gambia are occupied by non Gambian citizens , what plans does your ministry have to put a stop to this marginalisation of Gambians when it comes to managerial positions at hotels.

He stressed that the Minister alleged that this question was asked 7 times which was unfounded, disappointing, and embarrassing.

“Asking a question 7 times I think it is my responsibility and civic right to come up with a question even if it has to be asked 100 times as people’s representative. I came up with the question because the answer that I needed is still yet to be exposed by the Minister.”

However, he added that based on his research the Minister of Tourism travels to Germany within a year more than 10 times and that is one destination. Noting hence he travels 10 times why should his question for 7 times be a problem to him (the Minister)?

“I have decided not to say anything but the way and manner in which my question was treated and, unfortunately, he is not present in the assembly I don’t want to backbite though he is not here the message will reach his colleagues,” he frowned.