Tuesday, March 28

Hospital El – Escorial Madrid Donates Medical items to Tujereng Health Facility

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By Binta Jaiteh

Hospital El-Escorial Madrid Hospital in Spain has donated medical items to the Tujereng Health facility to promote quality health conditions in the community and the country at large.

The gesture is initiated by Hospital El-Escorial Madrid, Spain in collaboration with the Mbolo Association to the village Development Committee of Tujereng. About 13 health personnel are from Madrid, seven doctors, and six nurses.

These items include elastic bandages, cotton bandages, surgical materials, respiratory inhalation; gloves, glucose meters, glasses, glucove needles; oral supplements, antibiotics, and other medicines.

Speaking during the handing over of the items, Haruna Bojang representative of the Alkalo said the medicines donated by doctors from Spain will be put to good use as expected.

“This is a great initiative because our hospital lacks most  of the medicines and I appreciate the  Mbolo Association for playing a fundamental role in the social well-being of people residing in Tujereng and beyond.” He said

Silvia Sambou, co-founder of Mbolo Association and director also noted that health is paramount and needs to be jealously nurtured by everyone.  She said that Mbolo Association aimed to accompany development through sustainable development and to strengthen quality education for youth and adults.

According to her, it is responsible tourism that pave way for this successful initiation by the team of Spain with their leader Elisa. She said it is very important to promote responsible tourism as a way to improve the health sector.

However, she said the Association has been embarking and being very supportive to the youths of Tujereng and others, through skill training to enhance their knowledge including young girls. Mbolo is a charity organization that was established in the Gambia in 2010, aiming to accompany development sustainably and also strengthen education and community development.

Doctor Elisa Martin,  head of the Hospital El Escorial Madrid team expressed her delight in supporting people to promote a good health care system. She noted that it is the first time to supporting people in the Gambia and “this will not be the end in bringing more development to the health sector.

Pa Ousman Jawneh, head of Tujereng Health Center said the medicines donated to the facility will play a great role in the lives of the people.

Lamin Bojang public relation officer( PRO), expressed gratitude to Mbolo Association for always being supportive to the people of Tujereng as a community and The Gambia at large.