Monday, October 3

How Government Could Save Imams, Priests And Other Public Figures From The Risk Of Covid-19 Infection?

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Imams, Priests, Musicians, Football players, Traditional and Community leaders are exposed to more risk from COVID-19 infection than the average citizen. This is why the vaccination campaign should be strategic by ensuring that all those who come into contact with the public by virtue of their work or vocation are protected. The Imams and priests are to preside over burial ceremonies. Some feature prominently in naming and marriage ceremonies. They also lead congregational prayers. This compels them to be in contact with all manner of human beings. The Government can make it a policy to vaccinate all those who are rending public service from a professional, occupational, vocational or spiritual angle as the frontline in preventing COVID-19 from spreading like wild fire. The illness is deadly. Take the vaccination, use masks, sanitizer and practice social distancing to defeat COVID-19 and stay alive.