Wednesday, June 7

‘I am ‘Burr’ Banjul and ‘Burr’ Gambia’ -President Barrow 

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President Adama Barrow speaking at the NPP Rally at the Buffer Zone in Talinding

By Buba Gagigo

At his party’s political rally at the Buffer Zone on Sunday, President Adama Barrow asserted his claim to the title of “Burr” Banjul, in response to his sister Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe’s use of the term.

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“I am part of this campaign (Local Government Elections campaign). Seedy if you have a big meeting in Brikama call me, I will come and campaign for you. Bakary Badjie, if you have a big meeting call me, I will come. Ebou Faye, I want you also to call me when you have a rally in Banjul. My sister said she is ‘Burr’ Banjul, but I will tell her today that I am ‘Burr’ Banjul and ‘Burr’ Gambia. Now it is finished, we will not slow down. 

“Let’s beat them (during the upcoming election) and finish with them. Continue your work. You don’t have anything to be afraid of because we are the ruling party. Don’t be afraid, I am behind you. There’s nothing to be afraid of. The opposition are not afraid, why should I be afraid? You have more votes than them and that is very clear. If we want to have peace in this country, our peace is NPP, and its coalition partners.” he said.

President Adama Barrow made these remarks at the Buffer Zone on Sunday evening where his National People’s Party (NPP) held a rally for their three candidates in Banjul, KM and West Coast.

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