Sunday, May 28

I.Care Optics and BK Foundation offer free eye screening at Mile II Prison

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 I.Care Optics in partnership with Bob Keita Foundation recently offered free eye screening and eye prescription to 14 prisoners and 22 prison officers at Mile II Central Prison.

The free eye screening aimed to help the prisoners to have a clear vision as their freedom of movement is limited.

 Bakary Dibba, the Administration Officer at the Bob Keita Foundation said they partnered with I.Care Optics Limited helps prisoners with their eye problems including eyeglasses and eye prescriptions for the inmates and officers.

 “Our founder knows how it feels to be a prisoner and he feels it’s necessary to give back to Mile II Central prisoners to help them get a clear vision as they don’t have freedom of movement like other people,” he expressed.

However, Dibba added that the Foundation will raise funds for the inmates who got the prescription for medication and lenses.

He noted that is also part of their mandate as a foundation to give back to the community especially those that are unprivileged.

 Mohammed Mumshad Alam, the Chief Executive Officer of I.Care Optics added that the company partnered with BK Foundation to offer free screening to the prisoners in Mile II Central Prison to help them get a clear vision.

 “We offer one of the best eye care services with the cheapest price to the Gambian people with our mission clear vision,” he explained.

 I.Care Optics Limited, he said is the best ophthalmologist company in Gambia as they offer the best eye care services to their clients and build a strong relationship in The Gambia making Indian proud.