Saturday, June 3

“I Didn’t Pay Anyone To Come Here” -Rohey Malick Lowe Thank Supporters In Banjul

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Lord Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Malick Lowe

By Buba Gagigo

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Rohey Malick Lowe, the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) candidate for the upcoming Banjul mayoral election, thanked her supporters for coming out in large numbers to her nomination ceremony in Banjul on Monday.

“I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who comes to support me. I didn’t pay anyone to come here. They are here because of the love they have for me and Banjul. We will continue to give them good services,” she said.

The incumbent mayor also took the opportunity to urge the voters in Banjul to be mindful of vote buying.

“You should not lie just because you want to be elected. I am urging the residents of Banjul to be mindful of their (NPP) way of campaigning. The voter cards are yours, do not sell it but if they give you money, take it, because it is your money. The relationship I built with Banjulians, I have the belief that the residents of Banjul will not allow them to fight me. I appeal for all of you to come out in your numbers and vote for me on the 20th of May,” she said after her nomination.

Madam Rohey Malick Lowe is the incumbent mayor of Banjul City Council (BCC). The National People’s Party (NPP) candidate is challenging her in the upcoming Mayoral Election.

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