Friday, March 24

I don’t need to seek anybody’s consent to make a declaration, says Dodou Jah

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By: Nyima Sillah

Dodou Jah, Deputy Speaker of the APRC has made it clear that he does not need to seek for anybody’s consent to make his intention known or declare himself for the upcoming mayoral elections.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice newspaper on Sunday, Mr. Jah emphasised “I don’t need to seek anybody’s consent to make any declaration. I can seek the consent of the party if I want to contest under the party’s ticket but as a citizen of this country, I have every right to make a declaration without seeking the permission or the consent of anybody.

“At the time, I never made any declaration. It was a poster of me made by some APRC members that were circulating on social media. That’s what Pa Njie Girigara saw and he was making a lot of noise out there,” he disclosed.

He noted that the poster that went viral on social media has no name of APRC nor a logo or any symbol that signifies a clear party.

He went on “It has no connection with the APRC as a party. He (Pa Njie Girigara) just made allegations and speculations that it was an issue about APRC and NPP.

“As I said the flier doesn’t have anything about that and if it was label or names under a party ticket, logo, or symbol then one could have decided otherwise,” he added.

However, he also said: that he is a citizen of this country and no law makes it illegal for anybody to make a declaration for having the intention to contest any elections in this country.

“I think Pa Njie Girigara just put the cart before the horse. He should have inquired and I didn’t understand why panic, why the fear at the time when that poster was going viral.

“I never saw the need for that and what was trending around has nothing to do with our party leader, or his deputy or any other executive members and I didn’t hear a single query or complain from them,” he said.