Wednesday, March 22

If I am not prepared to leave, time will force me to leave-Hon. Darboe

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon. Ousainou Darboe, Secretary General & Party Leader of the United Democratic Party has said, ” if I am not prepared to leave, time will force me to leave and   I have always asked young people to come on board.”

“ When the party said that I should leave, I will leave but if the party feels that I should stay on to get the party better unified, create unity, and straighten I will not abandon them,” he told The Voice in an exclusive interview at his office in Pipeline on Wednesday.

Hon. Darboe said he is not bothered with the leadership of UDP until death separates them and he did not seek the leadership of the party, but he was honored and will not allow a situation that will make him leave the party’s leadership in disgrace.

Speaking on his contribution to nation-building the outspoken politician disclosed that he set up GAMTEL and ex-President Yahya Jammeh blunder the essence of Gambian’s finance of GAMTEL. He added when President Adama Barrow came in, instead of trying to make sure that GAMTEL comes up, it is going down more.

 “You hear things that are surprising so there is no effort being made to put this country on track, every effort is being made to dwell on the progress of this country,” he noted.