Saturday, April 1

Imam Baba Leigh outlines reason for commission resignation

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Imam Leigh said his accepting such an appointment will be a breach of the NHRC Act 2017. 

“I have discussed my recent appointment with the chairperson of the National Human Rights

Commission (NHRC) and he has advised me that as a fulltime serving Commissioner of the National

Human Rights Commission, if I were to take up this particular assignment while a member of the NHRC, this will tantamount to a conflict of interest and breach of NHRC Act (NHRC) 2017 Section 5(3) and the NHRC Conditions of Service 2020 Chapter 71(b) page 37 which refers to ‘External Works and Activities of NHRC Staff and Commissioners’,” Imam Leigh justifies his decision to decline the appointment.  

He further explains: “I have been alerted to Section 5(3) of the NHRC Act 2017 relating to the appointment of Commissioners which states that: ‘A member of the Commission shall, upon his or her appointment – (a) relinquish any other office, post or appointment that he or she holds in the public service or in any other employment; and (b) serve the Commission in his or her individual capacity and not on behalf of any organisation or interest group.’ 

“I have been further informed that the Commission of Inquiry into the Conduct of All Local Government Councils and for Connected Matters, which I have been recently appointed to as a Commissioner, is set up by the Commission of Inquiry Act CAP: 30:01 and under section 200 of the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia respectively and all appointed Commissioners are therefore appointed under those provisions and requirements thereof.”

The commission set up to probe the municipalities and councils across the country consists of: Jainaba Bah Sambou (chairperson), Samba Faal, Oreme E. Joiner and Sukai Secka Sagnia.