Thursday, December 7

Imam Fatty preaches against evil marabouts as Jujus are found at cemetery

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By Mafugi Ceesay

A burial congregation in Bakoteh was stunned when they discovered bundles of Jujus (spiritual charms) at the cemetery near a freshly dug grave. The discovery outraged the mourners who were shocked with the act.

A prominent Islamic scholar and Imam, Abdoulie Fatty said the Jujus represented the work of evil marabouts who connive with bad people engaged in nefarious acts only to seek sanctuary from marabouts.

Imam Fatty said people should now protect dead bodies of their relatives until they are properly buried because some now even use body parts in Jujus.

Imam Fatty said the participation of marabouts in these evil acts is giving license to bad people to destroy each other or destroy relationships, which he said must end in our society. The Imam said while other consult marabouts to destroy others, some do so to look for safety after stealing government money and all marabouts should desist from helping in nefarious acts. The Imam gave an example of how a man turned up at a cemetery asking for a body part of a dead person. “He was turned away by the security guard who did not report him to people there in real time for him to be arrested or handed to the police,” Imam Fatty said.