Tuesday, June 6

Independent candidate, Ahmad Gitteh vows to create program worth D30M if elected

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By Mustapha Jarju and

Nyima Sillah

An independent candidate contesting for the chairmanship seat in Brikama Area Council, West Coast Region (WCR), Ahmad Gitteh has promised to create a program worth D30 million if he is elected into office in due upcoming coming election. 

Speaking to Journalists, yesterday after presenting his credentials to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) at the nomination ground in Brikama, Ahmad Gitteh emphasised that if he wins the chairmanship election he will create program that will create a minimum of thirty million Dalasi (D30,000,000) for the young people in West Coast Region.

Gitteh added, there are a lot of young people who finish university and college education but are not able to get jobs to get rid of their family problems, and if people go through such a stage they might become drug addicts.

“I am not here to enrich myself but I want to end the sufferings of our mothers, and to end the deliberate activities and stealing in our country to ensure that the money gathered by the poor it is 100, 60% go back to the people. This is why I came seeking for this position,” he said.  

However, he also promise to get rid of the waste in the West Coast Region and will create a lot of opportunities for the business sectors by empowering the young people into entrepreneurship. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Gitteh said if elected, his first priority will be to understand the problems that are in the council, the number of staff there, how much income BAC generates, the balance sheet, and to know whether the council is generating income or there are deficiencies and know the extent of the problems.

“I have plans that if I come into office in the Brikama Area Council I will help the youth, to gather money, end corruption, end stealing, and will ensure there are markets which are not limited only to Brikama market, but Gunjur, Sukuta, Brufut, and the Fonis. And I will make markets in all these areas and help our mothers with their gardens that are not fenced.”

Mr. Gitteh further said no party is more powerful than the people who vote and also the same people that parties follow for their votes are the ones who have chosen him to seek the position of BAC chairmanship to wipe their tears.