Sunday, May 28

Independent candidate for Nyambai Ward speaks about ward development if elected

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By Mustapha Jarju

Anthony K Mendy, an independent candidate seeking for Councillorship position in Nyambai Ward in the upcoming Local Government Elections has disclosed that he was motivated by the development in other wards within Brikama to contest in the due election.

Saying if he is elected for the councilorship position he will take it as a task to bring development to the Nyambai Ward to stand tall like others.

Mr. Mendy speaking in an interview with the Media at his residence in Brikama said, he initiated a development organization that is working with the people of the ward to bring development and the people has decided that he could do better when he gets the position of councillorship.

“There was a day I took my vehicle to go around Brikama and I have seen the development in other wards when I return I sat with some of my people and explained to them what I have seen and I think we can do a replica of the same thing in Nyambai Ward because the government cannot do everything,” he stated. 

Mr. Mendy said, if he wins the councillorship election he will bring some strategies that will help to develop the ward while noting that the people of his ward have hope in him that he can do better if he wins the election.

He had visited different places in the ward including Taibatu where access to good roads among other things is a concern to them.

Mendy, however, assured that he is not going into the council as a mere councilor but he will make sure that his voice is heard as he will always speak the voice of the people.