Thursday, June 1

Independent candidate Mbow vows to digitalise KMC revenue

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After submitting his credentials to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Tuesday for the upcoming mayoral race on 20 May, Mbow said: “The municipality needs redress and I can do it. There is an ongoing commission at the council which never happens. It means something has gone wrong and I am here to fix it.”

“I will digitalise the revenue to cut corruption and embezzlement of funds to use it on needed projects. My priority is to digitalise revenue-based, health, and education,” he said.

Mr. Mbowe also said it’s his priority to make the people of the municipality healthy.  

Commenting on the difference between his crowd and others, he said: “I am different from people who buy crowds and votes. KM should open their eyes and know that the era of cheating has passed. I came to work and change KMC by making it the best in the country.” 

On the claims that he is sponsored by the incumbent Talib Ahmed Bensouda, the APRC no-to-alliance leader responded in the negative, saying he only sees Talib in pictures and videos. He further clarified that he had never talked to him on the phone or met him in the streets or anywhere.

Mbow noted that he doesn’t have time for people, but instead to fix what is wrong in the country.