Sunday, December 4

Indian Maiden Pharmaceuticals Company finally speaks amid pressure

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After many statements from The Gambia and across the globe labelling and alleging the Indian Maiden Pharmaceuticals as the cause of the 69 child deaths in The Gambia, the company’s director, Vivek Goyal, has explained matters regarding the allegations.

In a statement, Director Goyal explained that his company has been in the field of medicines for over three decades and has been diligently following the protocols of the health authorities including the Drugs Controller General (India) and the State Drugs Controller, Haryana.

He added that they have valid drug approvals for the export of the products in question and they are not selling anything in the domestic market, so it is for export only.

“We have been obtaining the raw materials from certified and reputed companies. We are shocked to hear the media reports regarding the deaths and deeply saddened by this incident but we received the official information from our agent at The Gambia on 5th October 2022 and on the subsequent date, a World Health Organization alert was issued against us.”

Director confirmed that government agencies visited his factory on the 1st of October 2022, 3rd of October 2022, 6th of October 2022 and 7th of October 2022. He said samples were drawn by the CDSCO along with all relevant documents in question in presence of their directors.

“The samples have been drawn by the CDSCO officials and we are awaiting the results. Since the matter is already pending investigation, we cannot comment on any other issues and shall update you in future as and when we receive the information.”