Wednesday, September 27

Insecurity, High Food Price Dominate Gambians Need, But Voter Registration Is Important

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Insecurity and high prices of food is what has taken over the center stage of discussion in the country and it is what each and every one in The Gambia says ‘need to be addressed’ while voter registration is important, too in this election year.

Dozens of Gambians spoken with this medium have urged the government to further beef up the country security and do whatever it will take to bring the high price of food commodities into control, as the country goes to the poll on 4th December to elect a new leader.

Over five hundred thousands of Gambians have so far been registered, as Independent Electoral Commission targets 1 million voters to register.

Musu Kebba Njie, a resident of Tallinding called for a regulation in the business sector particularly prices of food items to ease dilemma poor people are facing face during election periods to avoid temptation from any party. “So, government should put a strict measure on prices of commodities right from now on before elections.

Gambians, she advised, should show humanity to each other as elections is fast approaching because election will surely pass but The Gambia will remain the same after December 4th elections.

“Politics should not make us enemies, let’s get our voters cards and vote for our choice. We can only maintain solidarity if there is peace, but without that, we will forget the bond we share and the sympathy will fade away,” she added.

Abdelkarim Fatty, resident of Latrikunda Sabiji said: “the upcoming election will give citizens the chance to vote for their leader without any fear or favor. It will also give all citizens the right to speak their minds when campaigns start. We might be in a haste to go to the polling station to vote, but we should think outside the box and select wisely because the election will be very competitive due to the recent additional political parties compare to the previous years.”

“It is high time for the government to take all safety measures for the protection of citizens because election weeks are not just ordinary days.

Sedou Camara said he has hopes that this election will be a free and fear elections as independent electoral commission are working so hard to ensure proper guidelines and regulations of laws regarding elections.

“Government should also double up efforts to tight up the security of the country during elections and also close all borders for the safety of citizens to avoid any foreign interfering. Our election is our business and we don’t need any foreign support,” he said.