Saturday, April 1

ISCA donates 500 Covid-19 T-shirts to MoH –

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By: Mama A. Touray

Indian Social and Cultural Association on Monday donated five hundred Covid-19 T-shirts to the Ministry of Health at a presentation held at the Central Medical Store in Kotu. 

Speaking at the event, Musa .S. Jallow, Programs Officer at the Health Communication unit said the Ministry felt it necessary to reach out to the Indian community to see how they can assist in the fight against covid-19, noting they have discussed a lot of things, T-shirts is amongst the things discussed and fulfilled and they are expecting other things, too.

Senior logician Lamin Ceesay also said, “When you talk about Covid-19 it is multifaceted, we have a lot of dimensions to fight the pandemic, the vaccination is very key, and this is where we are. As a country, we have gone very far but along the line, we also need some aspects in the implementation which is very key, and among them is community engagement and how to convince people to take the jab and the donation of these t-shirts is indeed timely.”

He added that for the fight against covid-19 it is very clear that government cannot do it alone, and that currently, the ministry is on a campaign supported by UNICEF and some other partners.

Meanwhile, the President of the Indian Social and Cultural Association, Suresh Kumar on behalf of the association said: “This is a small gesture and we intend to contribute more towards a very important health sector from which we all benefit.”

President Suresh revealed that the Indian government also donated by sending seven tons of medicines and other items which were handed over to the Ministry of Health by the honorary Consular of India.

On his part, the honorary Consular of India Ram Mohan said India is the largest manufacturer of the vaccine in the world and the fact that the Gambia can use some of the vaccines from India as well makes them very proud.