Wednesday, November 30

Ismaila Touray Debunks Qatar Agent Allegation

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 By: Nyima Sillah

Ismaila Touray, one of the agents adversely mentioned in alleged Qatar agent allegations, has debunked the allegation saying that he is not among the agents that take Gambians to Qatar.

Speaking to The Voice a few days after the publication, Ismaila Touray, Public Relations Officer of the Gambian Community in Qatar explained: “I was framed in this all issue. I have been in Qatar for over decades, I have been very helpful to Gambians in Qatar, and anytime an issue arises, I stand up for them and help them. I was surprised when I saw my picture in the newspaper. I don’t know these migrants and I have never met them. Perhaps the people that gave out this information have a motive behind their information. Besides, the Gambian Embassy in Qatar here is trying to help the boys in all ways but some of them are just ungrateful. I don’t even know the names of agents that were mentioned and I never met those agents.”

Mr. Touray however challenged those migrants that gave out the information to show their faces and report the matter to the embassy to substantiate their allegation that is meant to tarnish his image

“These people just want to tarnish my image. I even had to file a resignation letter to the executive based on this issue. But they did not accept my resignation letter. I feel bad knowing that with all the efforts I made to assist Gambians in Qatar, some of them did not recognize my efforts,” he stressed.