Tuesday, October 4

ITTOG appreciates gift from Ousman Conteh

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By Yunus S Saliu

The Head of School at the Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia has applauded Ousman Kanteh, a Gambian based in Chicago for his gift to the students of the institute.

Mr Ousman Conteh, who is currently on holiday in the country, in his visit to the ITTOG on Tuesday, donated some written materials which include notebooks, ball pens/markers, and stress balls among others to the students as a gift to enhance their studies in the school.

Mr Conteh who moved to the States in 1993 said he was prompted to do this because of his affection and love for the Head of School which has extended to the students.

He said also when he was invited to speak to the students of the school years back he developed personal love for the institute because “I have seen in the students’ dedication to their crafts and hardworking in what they want to accomplish.”

He added that after his first visit to the ITTOG he become a friend to lots of the students, especially in terms of linking, networking, and sponsorship “in which I do not doubt in my mind that they can compete with anybody in the classroom when it comes to dedication to their crafts.”

Meanwhile, he said he brought the token gift for them after his conversation with his CEO and Founder of the company he works in the United States, as he approved of him taking some materials that talk about the company’s programs to the students and “hopefully they can use it and it would benefit them in their studies.”

He, therefore, advised the students of the school and students, in general, to be passionate, dedicated to their studies, respectful, and disciplined as this would help them to excel in their various fields of study

Mr Sheikh Tejan Nyang, Head of School of ITTOG thanked Ousman Conteh for the love and affection he’s having for the institute, and through him, he extended his appreciation to his CEO, too.