Tuesday, June 6

James F Mendy urges IEC to appoint credible polling staff

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By: Nyima Sillah

James F. Mendy, Former National Assembly contestant has urged the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to appoint credible polling staff for the April 15th local government elections to avoid election pandemonium.

Speaking to The Voice, James said “Elections are guided by laws and rules and there is an elections Act that governs the electoral process. If those rules are not followed, that is where problems emerge. IEC knows better.”

He added that for this rule and law to be followed, the IEC should appoint credible polling staff and impartial people.

 “The people to be appointed to carry this responsibility should be non-partisans; they have to make sure that they are efficient and effective in carrying out their duties. Let them be fair so that there will be no problem and whatever result is announced will reflect the actual views of the people.

“James stressed that electoral problems and post-electoral problems could be deadly, and disastrous therefore one should not joke with that, and IEC should put that at the back of their minds as a referee in making sure that there is a free, fair, and transparent election,” he stated.

He strongly emphasized that IEC should know that elections are very significant because it is a progression through which people make their choices on who should represent them. Adding on that people’s views and voices should be respected and protected since the power belongs to the people.

However, he said political parties should know that no party owns the country. Region, constituency, or ward, all belongs to the citizens and they should allow them to freely exercise their rights.

Meanwhile, he advised electorates not to get carried away by partisan issues or relationships.

“We are all citizens and what matters is our collective interest. When it comes to this election we just have to elect competent candidates to represent us well to ensure development. If the party that you support doesn’t present a credible candidate you should vote for another candidate. Also, if we are serious about development we have to put away tribes, religions, and party affiliation in decision-making,” he expressed.