Sunday, May 28

Jammeh’s Human Rights Violation has to reach prosecution-Says Deputy Director of Civil Litigation

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By Nicholas Bass 

Kimbeng T. Tah, Deputy Director CL&IL & Head of International Arbitration · Attorney General’s Chambers & Ministry of Justice of The Gambia, has said that the former president’s violations of human rights have reached the threshold of prosecution after the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission’s recommendations to  President Adama  Barrow government.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice Newspaper, Kimbeng T. Tah said “The T.R.R.C revelation concerning ex-President  Yahya A. J.J. Jammeh’s atrocities has reached the threshold for prosecution ranging from abuse of officer, inhuman torture and alleged murder of soldiers and African migrants.

He outlined that Lieutenant Sanna Sabally’s testimony at the T.R.R.C has affirmed the unlawful arrest of politicians, security personnel, and top civil servants who were held at Mile II Central Prison which promulgated a decree to legalize their detention during his testimony has given weight for prosecution.

”The testimony of the T.R.R.C was a reality of the atrocities committed by former president Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh as we were able to exhume the remains of the late Solo Sandeng and his DNA was tested was conducted and the confirmed of the murdered and buried at the 1st Infantry Battalion, Yundum Barracks coupled with the murder of the late Ousman Koro Ceesay and many   African migrants,” he explained.

However, he added that the T.R.R.C was given power by the Act of parliament to give recommendations for alleged perpetrators to be given amnesty but it was subjected to the government’s approval based on the crimes and the sincerity of the perpetrator before the TRRC.

Meanwhile, he stressed that the TRRC consisted of twelve commissioners who were charged with the responsibility of uncovering the truth regarding the atrocities of the junta regime which shall be taken by prosecutors who will examine them for prosecution.