Monday, October 2

Jangjangbureh youths protest over mini-stadium project delay

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By Amadou Jadama on tour

Youths in Jangjanureh on Tuesday welcome touring sports minister Bakary Badjie and his entourage with placards and banners expressing disappointment with the slow pace of work at the town’s mini-stadium construction project. 

The youths also demanded to get their field back to play Nawettan since the project which started nearly two years ago, is not yet completed.


Kebba Mbenga, adviser to the District Sport Committee in the area said they had to protest to know the fate of the project from the minister since the contractor had said he is not paid for the work so far done.        

Responding to the youths, Minister Badjie denied that the contractor is not paid and apologised for the delay. He said since the matter of the contract is a civil matter, it would be taken care of by the AG Chambers  as is the case with other defaulting contractors.  Minister Badjie said if the youths badly need the field to play Nawettan, they could have it after which work can continue on the project.

He lamented the poor conduct of the contractors who have not been able to deliver according to their contract agreements. Badjie said the mini-stadia contracts started since December 2020 and should have lasted for only six months but most of the contractors are far behind schedule and some of them have had their contracts terminated with AG Chambers handling possible litigations over the matter.

The permanent secretary Njie said the defaulting contractors may have to face court for failing to deliver their side of the deal.

She further advised the youths to gather all facts before taking decisions to openly protest over any issues.

The Standard contacted the contractor of the Jangjangbureh mini-stadium project Hatab Darboe of Top spot company for explanation. He said the delay cannot be entirely blame on them.

“Upon signing the contract we should immediately receive 45 percent of the contract money, but we waited for five months before the first payment arrive. The second payment too (30 percent) came five months late.  As we speak now the 10 percent payment has been received while the remaining payment (15 percent) will be paid upon completion,” Mr Darboe said. He explained that as far as the JangJangbureh project is concerned what is left is only painting and fitting of plumbing materials on the building and fixing the goal posts. All these materials are already on the ground as we speak,” Mr Darboe said.

According to him, the youths of JangJangbureh may not know that the contract does not include provision of grass on the pitch. Our job there would be completed in the very near future,” he concluded.