Tuesday, December 6

Janjanbureh NAM Vows To Remain Independent In Parliament

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Honourable Omar Jatto Jammeh
National Assembly Member for Janjanbureh

By Buba Gagigo

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The newly elected National Assembly Member (NAM) for Janjanbureh, Honourable Omar Jatto Jammeh said he would remain independent in the National Assembly for the next five years.

“From my own point of view, I want to believe that I won as an independent and I will remain as an independent candidate. I am glad that I am on record, I will remain as an independent candidate and nothing can change that. I won as an independent candidate to serve the people of Janjanbureh in the National Assembly for a period of five years, and I will remain independent for the coming five years until my term comes to an end and nothing can change that,” he told Kerr Fatou after taking his oath at the House in Banjul on Thursday.

Omar Jatto Jammeh defeated both the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) and the President’s National People’s Party’s (NPP) candidate in the just concluded parliamentary election in the Janjanbureh Constituency.