Tuesday, March 28

Jawara, KMC reach consensus on waste collection

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Gambian diplomat, Haggi Jawara and Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) have reached consensus on the collection of waste at his Kairaba Avenue residence following a duel over waste collection fees.

The seasoned diplomat last week threatened to sue KMC over the collection of waste. Consular Jawara claimed that he and the KMC Mballet team had an agreement in May 2022 for the weekly collection of garbage at his residence.

Meanwhile, the Kanifing Municipal Council in a release issued on 1 September 2022 expressed its deepest surprise with Consular Jawara’s threats. However, the waste that was at Consular Jawara’s residence has been collected by the KMC Mballet team.

“I have reached an agreement with the KMC over the collection of waste. I want to sincerely thank the council’s mayor, the CEO and their entire leadership for this massive breakthrough. I have sat and discussed with the CEO over the waste collection issue and he has assured me of the council’s readiness to not only collect the waste at my residence, but the council is also working tirelessly in ensuring that the municipality is clean,” Jawara told our reporter in an interview.

The development of the country, Jawara added, has always and will continue to be among his top development agenda, while claiming: “I have been working tirelessly in ensuring that this great country of ours is developed. In fact, annually, I paid D90, 000 to KMC on rate and taxes. Again, the reason I even went to KMC was the way and manner their junior staff approached me. But their senior management team was very welcoming. This is how things are supposed to be. The staff of the council are working for us, hence they should show maximum respect to the people,” he posited

“I didn’t just go to the council just for my own issue. There are many people within the municipality who are complaining about the issue of waste within their area. But again, I am happy that the council’s management team is committed to moving the council to another level. This is what is expected from any person holding public office, thus I am optimistic that the council’s team will live up to expectations.”