Sunday, January 29

Jawara warns against forging consular documents

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“Of recent, I have got reports that some Gambians are forging consular documents with a view to travel back to the country or other destinations. This has to stop with immediate effect,” he said. “I have launched a massive manhunt and investigation in order to apprehend those that are doing the practice. Helping Gambians in Angola and elsewhere in the world to overcome their challenges will continue to remain a priority for me. However, I will not condone anyone doing illegal activities. Gambians are known to be peace-loving people, hence that trend must continue.”

Speaking to The Point in an exclusive interview at his Kairaba Avenue residence, Consular Jawara said further: “As Gambians, we should inculcate that sense of responsibility and patriotism in us. That’s what this country and her people are known for. I have reported the matter to the country’s immigration officials and that we are working closely to ensure that the culprits are not only arrested but also prosecuted in our competent courts.

“I noticed that some people are forging the emergency travelling documents. I left The Gambia to Angola about five months ago. However, during my stay there, I didn’t receive an emergency passport as it frequently used to happen. I became skeptical because people were travelling day and night from Angola to The Gambia. As intelligent as I am, I started my own investigation and later I discovered that some people are forging the consular documents and putting my signature on it without my notice.

“Again, I was contacted by the immigration officials that they have seen some documents without my signature. They showed me a copy of those forged documents. The culprits removed my signature from the original consular document and forged the document that they are using to travel with bearing my name. This is an unacceptable act and those involved in it should stop it immediately.”

“I am a well-respected diplomat within and outside the country, thus I don’t want anyone to taint my name. But I can assure you that we will get to the bottom of this ungodly act.”

He continued: “After discovering this forgery, I called all the Gambians in Angola and asked who did the act, but all of them denied doing the practice. I told them that I was going to investigate the matter.

“I am doing a lot for Gambians in Angola. I am the one paying for my staff and even paying the rent for our office which is expensive. Some of them use to come to the office to pay for emergency passport, however, that stops since this forgery thing started.”

Consular Jawara also seized the opportunity to send his condolences to President Barrow and the entire country on the passing of the late Vice President Badara Alieu Joof. He described VP Joof as an “upright” civil servant who had been working for decades towards the development of the country.